Monday, August 19, 2013

Sunday Funday: Party Dips

Some like it Hot…
                So I’m a little over due with my Sunday Funday post, but here it is! I am so excited to share this dip with you because I’m pretty sure it’s the reason I fell in love with football.  I started to go to the games to spend time with Joe; I stayed for the food, specifically this one!  It’s a yummy warm cheesy gooey taco dip.  This recipe comes from Joe’s aunt Trish.  It’s so super simple and SO YUMMY!  It screams Sunday Funday!

I like it Hot dip:
{serves a crowd}
1 package of cream cheese, softened
1 jar of salsa (no fresh…too runny!)
1 bag of shredded cheddar cheese
 1.       Spread the softened cream cheese in an even layer on the bottom of a pan (even better if it’s disposable!).

2.       Pour the jar of salsa on top and spread evenly.
3.       Sprinkle the whole bag of cheddar cheese on the top.

4.       Bake for about 30 minutes in a preheated 350 oven.

5.       Stir and serve immediately. 
6.       Repeat the process.  It’s that good.

…Some like it cold

                If you’re more of a cold/room temp kinda dip person then this dip is for you.  It’s Angela’s recipe, but I’m going to call it Joe’s Taco dip because Angela isn’t allowed over unless she brings this dip.  Joe has literally eaten the whole thing in one sitting.  What can I say…we take dips very seriously around here. 
Joe’s Taco Dip (via Angela)
{serves a crowd}
1 package of cream cheese, softened
1 jar of salsa
1 bag of shredded cheddar cheese

1.       In a bowl, stir the softened cream cheese.  Add the salsa to combine thoroughly.
2.       Spread mixture into a pan.
3.       Sprinkle cheese on top.
4.       Let set in fridge for 30 minutes.
5.       Inhale and repeat.

This cold dip would be perfect if you’re going somewhere else to watch the game and aren’t sure if you’ll have access to an oven to cook the dip.

Freezing the dips:  I wouldn’t make the dips and then freeze them.  They are very easy to put together last minute.  You CAN however, stock up on cream cheese when it goes on sale and freeze that right in the package.  Also, you can freeze shredded cheese—just make sure to buy a block of cheese and shred it yourself THEN freeze.  Pre-shredded cheese doesn’t freeze very well. And salsa in a jar has a nice shelf life so if you stock up, these should be pretty easy dips to toss together last minute!

If you’re looking for a dip to make ahead and just cook on game day, try this dip

Hot buffalo chicken dip
2 chicken breasts*
1/3 -1/2 cup Frank’s Original Red Hot Sauce
1 TBSP butter, melted
½ a block of cream cheese, softened
½ cup shredded mozzarella cheese

1.       Melt the butter in the microwave.
2.       Combine the cream cheese, melted butter and hot sauce.
3.       Put chicken breasts in crock pot and cover with mixture.
4.       Cook on high 4 hours.
5.       Shred chicken in sauce, add cheese and serve immediately!

1.       Melt butter and combine with softened cream cheese and hot sauce. 
2.       When mixture is cool, add uncooked chicken breasts and sauce into a freezer bag.
1.       Pour ingredients into crock pot and cook as directed.

**You could also make this dip with cooked, shredded chicken breast:  Combine all ingredients and bake in a 350 oven until bubbly, about 25 minutes.**

We had some friends over last night and I made my hot dip…we obviously inhaled it.  I won’t even lie…I paid more attention to the dip than the game.  And that’s no good because my fantasy football draft is this weekend!

Go Team!

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