Friday, March 30, 2012

Silly Seven!

What a night!  I don't think I've laughed that hard in a long time; like tears down my face laughing.  Apparently potty humor is still hilarious to us!  And I'm pretty sure our newbie, Anika, started it all...needless to say she fits right in!!

A big shout out and thank you to (the other) Meghan Loc for hosting!  You did a fabulous job!! We may have only had 4 for this round, but that's A-OK. 

Our menu included:
*Pizza pot pies (yes, you read that right)
*burritos and Spanish rice
*Chicken Divan

And I must say....our last round was by far the BEST round yet.  Everyone really out did themselves.  As my brother lives about 40 minutes away and can't always attend the swaps, I oh so generously hold his food in my freezer until he can come pick it up.  I may or may not have...commandeered...some of his food from this round.  But it was so good, I don't even feel bad!

Meg's Pizza Pot Pies

Shell's braciole