Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So We Meet Again!

Oh last night was so much fun!  Yesterday was my last day of school (teachers had to go back Monday & Tuesday for PD time), and ending my day with cooking club was such a wonderful way to start my summer! I've said it before, and I'll say it again...LOVE these ladies!  We even said last night...even if we don't cook, let's still have cooking club meetings to have girl time!

I had a random burst of inspiration one day and asked Angela what she thought about Cooking Club: BBQ Edition--Burgers.  She was down so I emailed the rest of the ladies and our menu this month was born!

On our menu this month we have:
Angela: Chicken tequila burgers
Meghan Loc: Buffalo chicken burgers
Andrea: pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches AND pizza burgers (someone had their fancy pants on!)
Meghan Lo (me!): Balsamic, Bacon & Onion Jam stuffed burgers

Beth couldn't join us this month because she recently gave birth to sweet baby Roman, but that doesn't mean her freezer stays empty!  We started our tradition for Andrea before she had Christian and we're continuing it on for the other new (or soon to be new) moms in our group.  Beth got some burgers and since Meghan Loc is about to pop (and still looks adorable, by the way) we all made an additional meal for her! (Angela made her salsa chicken and I made chicken cacciatore.  Andrea loaded her up with extra burgers.)

After lots of snacking, tomato pie, yummy lemon-mint water (half of our group are pregos!), and gossiping we finally swapped meals and said our good byes.  Next time we see Meghan Loc she will be holding Baby Tank in her arms (that'd be the baby's nickname...she doesn't plan on giving birth to the hulk).

These recipes and freezing instructions can be found under our "recipes" page.

Let us know: What's your favorite burger to throw on the grill?

Stay full!

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