Saturday, July 20, 2013

Husband Approved Breakfast Sandwiches

So Meghan and I are in Florida, actually escaping the heat wave that's at home believe it or not!  Meg has mentioned before how we made sure to stock our freezers with husband approved meals before we left....otherwise they'd go hungry or live off of take out wings and burgers. 

I made my hub some yummy breakfast sandwiches so I could be sure he was eating all of his meals while we are away!

Here is my super simple recipe for the breakfast sandwiches.  They freeze pretty well and can be adapted in many ways.  Meg has used my recipe before to make them for her hub, and when she does hers, she likes to whisk the eggs with a bit of veg first, and then bake in muffin tins.  Take this quick and easy recipe and make it your own and please come back and let me and the girls know how you make yours for your family to enjoy!!


Freezer Breakfast sandwiches

-1 dozen of English muffins or mini bagels
-1 dozen eggs
-Your choice of bacon, turkey bacon, breakfast sausage or thin cut pork roll ( enough to make 12 sandwiches )
-Your choice of cheese 1/2lb ( I used American but I have used cheddar before and they came out equally as delish)

To Cook:
1.Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Spray a 12 cup muffin tin with non stick cooking spray. 2. Crack your eggs into the muffin tin. Cook in preheated oven for 10 min or until the eggs starts to separate from the pan.
3. On a cookie sheet with a wire rack on top, place 12 strips of bacon and cook that along with the eggs, the bacon takes about 15-20 min on the same temp. For the sausage, pre-cook that on the stove top and set aside. If you decide to do the pork roll, it is already cooked so I have that ready for the end and assembling.
{I let the eggs and bacon or sausage cool slightly before starting the next step.}
4.Take the cooked bacon, sausage or slices of pork roll, cheese, English muffins or bagels and eggs and start to layer however you please. 
To Freeze:
After each sandwich is assembled, wrap each in tin foil or you can vacuum seal them individually. Label them and stick them in the freezer bag with the date on it.
To Eat:
To reheat them, make sure they are thawed and I put them right into my toaster over on med/high heat for about 5 min. If you do not have a toaster oven, you can also place them in the microwave for a min on high. They toast or heat up nice and ready to enjoy!

Cook with love,

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